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Tesla to start delivering Model Y rear-wheel-drive to customers

Tesla to start delivering Model Y rear-wheel-drive to customers
Tesla to start delivering Model Y rear-wheel-drive to customers

Reportedly, Tesla has begun requesting the reservation holders of Model Y rear-wheel drive to be ready for deliveries amidst a large drop in demand. Tesla had confirmed the delivery of the Model Y to the U.S. customers in the previous month.

The renowned automaker had given all its customers delivery windows from March 15 and 30 while suggesting that the deliveries will be starting from the second half of the month. However, the company began delivering on March 13 itself.

Tesla has been focused on limited number of versions of the model without having to provide them with too many options, so that it could streamline early production. The company has been delivering the Dual Motor AWD as well as the Performance versions for Model Y, which are essentially the same in regard to hardware.

Tesla has also begun taking up orders for Long Range Rear-Wheel-Drive after it launched the Model Y in the previous year. However, the version of this car had not been expected until late 2020. The Model Y RWD costs less than $50,000 which the company is expected to have a greater number of orders for than compared to the higher-end Performance versions and AWD.

It has been reported that the Fremont factory is not operating at the moment and they have built only the Performance vehicles and Model Y AWD before the shutdown took place the previous week. This has made it unclear when Tesla is aiming to deliver the cars.

The coronavirus crisis has led to a major downturn in the economy which has been having a bad impact on Tesla. The timing has been considered harmful for the business as it happened right at the beginning of deliveries of Model Y that had been expected to bring a major increase to the Tesla sales. The existence of the large backlog of orders will be hampering that.

Tesla will be working on the accumulation of more orders in order to get an idea regarding the kind of car they will make once Fremont factory reopens.


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