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Tesco comes up with six new changes in stores in the wake of COVID-19

Tesco comes up with six new changes in stores in the wake of COVID-19
Tesco comes up with six new changes in stores in the wake of COVID-19

Britain supermarket Tesco has reportedly introduced six major changes to its stores, to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While some of these changes include the elimination of restrictions spanning most of its products, some others involve the launch of new social distancing measures, like news one-way systems across aisles. Dave Lewis, Tesco CEO, declared the said changes in an email that he sent to all the staff of the supermarket.

First up, claim sources familiar with the matter, Tesco will introduce one-way aisles as well as a ‘one-in and one-out’ system in its stores. As per the CEO, longer opening hours have been mandated in order to avoid potential queuing troubles.

Secondly, contactless payment limits will shift to GBP 45 from GBP 30. Consumers can also use the free app – Tesco Pay+ from Tesco Bank. Incidentally, the app possesses built-in bank-level security and will let customers to pay for shopping worth GBP 250 with a single contactless scan enabled directly from the phone.

The panic over the  pandemic had caused many among the masses to start stockpiling groceries, which later led to empty shelves. Now however, the shelves at Tesco seem to have been refilled, and the supermarket is eliminating purchase limits on most of its products. The limits may be retained for certain items such as hand sanitizers, toilet rolls, etc.

In the last week, the UK government had provided Tesco an initial list of clinically vulnerable and isolated people (amounting to 110,000), from which the supermarket has identified 75,000 existing customers, now liable for home delivery. More delivery slots are slated to be formed in the course of the next few days with the provision of further data.

A session of ‘Quiet times’ has been mapped for every store, and Tesco is requesting customers to find out the times of their local stores so as to avoid queuing.

Lastly, the supermarket has mandated installation of protective screens – both at the front and back of every till at the checkout counter.

Tesco hopes that these measures would help people combat the pandemic in the best possible way while still being able to shop unhindered.

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