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Robotech firm Geek+ announces a global network of over 50 partners

Robotech firm Geek+ announces a global network of over 50 partners
Robotech firm Geek+ announces a global network of over 50 partners

 Geek+, a leading autonomous mobile robot technology firm, has reportedly announced that it has entered formal agreements with more than 50 integrators to bolster its international expansion.

With this global network, Geek+ will be able to meet the rising demand for logistics robots in Europe and the US, Korea, and tap into the new developments in South America.

Lit Fung, VP and MD, International Business, Geek+, said that the firm’s network of integrators is a valuable part of its success. Each robot that is deployed by its partners is seen as a vote of confidence in Geek+’s technology.

He further stated that the firm’s partners’ extensive experience positions them to deliver large-scale robotics and allow it to fasten its business growth.

Supply chain solutions group Körber Supply Chain has been working extensively with the autonomous tech firm around the globe, including landmark projects in the US as well as a new cooperation in Brazil that began at the start of this year.

Some of Geek+’s major partners in the Americas are Systemex Automation, Numina Group, Conveyco Technologies, Boreal Technologies, Bosch Rexroth, and KPI Integrated Solutions. In Europe, AMH Material Handling, Breathe Technologies, and Lalesse Logistics Solutions have employed Geek+’s robots.

Meanwhile, in the Asia Pacific region, the firm has collaborated with integrators like Unitech Automation and Ally Logistic Property (ALP).

 Earlier this year, the American-Chinese firm also honored its top integrator partners with awards as a recognition of their commitment. Since then, it has been joined by over 10 new partners and with multiple large-scale projects across the US and Europe, the number is expected to grow in the future.

This announcement comes after Geek+, which specializes in warehouse robot technologies, raised $100 million in the Series E1 round at a valuation of over $2 billion. The round was led by Qingyue Capital Investment, Vertex Growth, and Intel Capital, with the fresh capital to be utilized in accelerating its global market expansion and investing in research and development of its AMR technology.

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