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Rackspace Technology updates NHS Foundation Trust’s IT operations

Rackspace Technology updates NHS Foundation Trust’s IT operations
Rackspace Technology updates NHS Foundation Trust’s IT operations

Rackspace Technology, Inc., the U.S-based managed cloud computing firm based in Windcrest, Texas, USA, has reportedly announced that it has upgraded the IT infrastructure of Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trusts (CNWL).

Sources cite that Rackspace Technology has transitioned the CNWL’s IT operations to a private cloud system, allowing ten times more workers to deliver critical health services remotely in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNWL has over 300 different healthcare facilities across 150 locations and provides services to clients in other countries. It is one of the UK's largest NHS trusts offering comprehensive healthcare to a third of the UK's population and South England.

The first goal for Rackspace Technology was the migration of CNWL’s main infrastructure into the cloud in VMware RPC-V, which is a scalable and stable solution for two data centers. The project was completed within a strict deadline with the aid of professional service consultants from Rackspace Technology. 

The new technology is designed to allow many of the CNWL services to be provided in different ways instead of face to face with over 2,000 home users all dependent on cloud technology. The lockdown restrictions has proven to be useful as a testbed for the company to determine how new technological solutions can help it  to deliver its core services.

Especially in a longer-term shift, where more online could-based solutions have also be seen in some more personal or sensitive areas of healthcare such as sexual health which preserved the autonomy of many patients much more than in individuals visiting the hospitals.

CNWL's collaboration with Rackspace Technology has created a simpler and more comprehensible cost model. Price transparency helps CNWL to reduce costs, which ensures that the company can only pay for the relevant resources as per requirements.

The next steps in the project will be to continue the transition to private cloud services legacy servers systems, as well as to explore the potential for using the public cloud in a multi-cloud model. Rackspace Technology will provide a further opportunity to decrease costs as CNWL continues to transition to its required model as a public cloud broker.


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