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Qantas Group launches Fly Well program to ensure air travel safety

Qantas Group launches Fly Well program to ensure air travel safety
Qantas Group launches Fly Well program to ensure air travel safety

Qantas Group has recently introduced the Fly Well program, which will record various temporary changes to ensure the safety of crew members and passengers on board.

The program will enable passengers of Jetstar and Qantas to have a new experience from June, with both airlines announcing the implementation of several changes during the coronavirus pandemic. These changes include providing masks to passengers, installing hand sanitizing stations at the departure gates, and improving the cleaning of aircrafts during flights.

Additionally, there will also be changes made in the check-in process of passengers for their flights by encouraging them to use contactless check-in via an app or online and promoting self-serve bag drop before boarding. These enhanced sanitizing measures of the aircrafts will involve the use of disinfectants against the virus, by primarily focusing on high contact areas such as toilets, air vents, overhead lockers, seatbelts, and seats. However, the airlines will not follow the middle-seat free policy, which was introduced in April.

According to Dr. Ian Hosegood, Medical Director of Qantas Group, the social distancing measures to ensure safety is impractical on board, as opposed to on-ground, as there is low transmission risk inside the flight. The recently introduced program will help further curb the risk of virus transmission.

As a precautionary measure, the passengers will be provided with the sanitizing wipes to clean their trays, seat belts, and armrests by themselves. The catering service in the flight will be simplified to reduce the touchpoints for passengers and crew members. The airlines will also implement sequenced disembarkation and boarding to reduce crowding inside the flight.

Additionally, there will be improved flexibility while booking, including waiving of change fees one time for those who wish to change the travel date. For international bookings, further flexibility has also been introduced. For example, customers with existing Jetstar or Qantas international flight bookings for the travel period between 1st August and 31st October can avail full value of the flight credit, if they wish to cancel the bookings.

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