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Prysm unveils the world’s largest interactive display, the LPD 6K series

Prysm unveils the world’s largest interactive display, the LPD 6K series
Prysm unveils the world’s largest interactive display, the LPD 6K series

Prysm, Inc., one of the prominent visual and display solution providers, has recently introduced a new class in the display space by launching the Prysm LPD (Laser Phosphor Display) 6K Series, 225", the world's largest seamless interactive display with dimension of 5ft high and 20ft wide.

For the record, Prysm LPD 6K Series is a range of large-format interactive displays that provide a panoramic image that isn’t interrupted by bezels and seams.

The LPD 6K Series offers a top-notch experience while being flexible at the same time, offering an impact-resistant surface that delivers smooth touch interaction and pleasant viewing experience from any distance and angle without the issues of eye fatigue. It latest LPD series also offers some remarkable features like shatter-resistant, highly energy-efficient, rollability for transport, and flexibility.

Moreover, these displays are uniquely optimized for command and control centers, executive briefing centers, innovation & collaboration centers, and training rooms. The innovative modular design permits installation in a variety of locations and allows speed display integration.

Its durable front screen, which is made up of coated polycarbonate layer, can be rolled into a cylinder for easier conveyance. This allows the display to enter through passenger elevators and standard doors during set-up.

Speaking on the development, Amit Jain, CEO and President, Prysm said that the company is thrilled to launch the LPD 6K 225", its biggest LPD seamless interactive display. The company has always been focusing on pushing the boundaries of technology by innovating new solutions.

In a time, where business organizations are constantly looking for seamless integration, interactivity, collaboration, and connectivity, Prysm’s pioneering products allow divisions and teams from different parts of the world to work together.

As for Dr. Roger Hajjar, CTO and Founder, Prysm, virtual life-like experiences would become vital in this new age of minimizing commuting and travel done to avoid undue health exposures. The new LPD 6K 225" would help take this immersive experience one step closer by offering simultaneous visual and data feeds that can be broadcasted to and from standalone or mobile displays with high cloud security.

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