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Porsche ramps up electrification with its Premium Platform Electric

Porsche ramps up electrification with its Premium Platform Electric
Porsche ramps up electrification with its Premium Platform Electric

German sports car brand Porsche is aiming to step up its production of fully electric vehicles, which are sustainable while offering driving dynamics and sports car performance, following the success of its all-electric Taycan unveiled in 2019.

Being the first global premium carmaker to offer various plug-in hybrid cars, Porsche believes that the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture will bring new opportunities for developing high-volume electric models that have high technical standards.

Co-developed with Audi under their parent company Volkswagen Group, it is expected that a series of new models by the two carmakers, including Q5 and Macan, will leverage the platform in the future.

Porsche is aiming that over half of its new models sold by 2025 will be either fully electric or plug-in hybrids, and that by 2030 over 80% of its new cars sold will be all-electric.

Antoon Nicolaas Janssen, Manager for the powertrain of Macan production line, stated that PPE was one of the tools Porsche was deploying to achieve its ambition.

He said that the platform would give the sports car manufacturer the opportunity to successfully promote high-volume models made with high technical standards, thereby electrifying an important segment of its portfolio.

Macan, which is Porsche’s first all-electric SUV, will be the EV under the brand based on the new architecture.

Janssen explained that the model packed an 800-volt architecture, which is the most powerful electric motor, and had an advanced battery and charge system, offering an electric performance unique to Porsche.

With this purely electric platform, the company benefits from the spaciousness while maneuvering the wheelbase and is also provided with the flexibility for its models to maintain their robust, independent characteristics.

Customer deliveries of Macan will begin in 2024 for Asian markets, including South Korea, where it has tied up with LG Energy Solution to supply batteries for Taycan.

Macan EV is planning to offer everyday comfort with sports car performance, with Janssen claiming that the model would be the sportiest in its segment and have the best driving range.

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