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Maybelline unveils Virtual Loft to offer immersive virtual experiences

Maybelline unveils Virtual Loft to offer immersive virtual experiences
Maybelline unveils Virtual Loft to offer immersive virtual experiences

American beauty brand Maybelline New York has launched a Halloween-themed virtual space, called Maybelline Virtual Loft to further explore immersive digital experiences.

Built on a non-shoppable platform, the Maybelline Virtual Loft allows users to discover new items, use the brand’s services, play in-program games, and take part in exclusive online events.

The loft is designed like a loft-style New York apartment and patio and has a nighttime skyline similar to the city it is based on, with lo-fi house music playing in the background.

Customers can participate in a virtual scavenger hunt, explore products, and try virtual Halloween makeup looks. As Maybelline does not have DTC e-commerce capabilities, clients can shop for products from the link to the brand’s retail partners.

Maybelline is aiming to reinvent beauty services and how they are offered via immersive experiences.

Danielle Rose, VP of Consumer Activation, Maybelline New York, said that this was the first step in the company’s strategy and would wait and see how customers will interact with the brand.

Rose also revealed that Maybelline’s parent company, L'Oréal, was shifting focus from products to services to enhance the overall appeal of products, brand image, and how it influenced its customers’ purchase decisions.

Along with the virtual loft, Maybelline has also put up a Halloween section on its website and created an AR filter on the social media app Snapchat with its sister-brand Garnier.

Rose said that Halloween was not a huge focus in the past two years due to the pandemic, but as people were getting back into the holiday spirit now, the brand wanted to go big on Halloween this year.

Rose also explained that the current purpose of the Virtual Loft was to offer services and information that Maybelline’s retail partners could not.

Neha Singh, Founder and CEO, Obsess, which helped in developing the Virtual Loft, said that Maybelline was looking for a new way to interact with younger audiences by leveraging gaming interfaces.

Obsess has previously worked with several beauty brands, including the luxury brand Dior.

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