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Luminati partakes in COVID-19 task force to fuel smart device testing

Luminati partakes in COVID-19 task force to fuel smart device testing
Luminati partakes in COVID-19 task force to fuel smart device testing

A team spearheaded by the Innovation Department at Assuta Hospital in Israel—Sprint COVID-19—along with Weizmann Institute of Science and Rafael Advanced Technology, has come up with an audacious plan of bolstering testing of Coronavirus with the help of smart devices.

The team is believed to be working to introduce a heuristic test which can be carried out on smartwatches and smartphones to detect presymptomatic, asymptomatic and mild cases. The task force aims to ameliorate COVID-19 testing in a large scale amidst countries grappling to conduct the testing.

Reportedly, Sprint COVID-19 will reap benefits from technology prevalent on a number of smart devices to measure blood oxygen levels of users, a pivotal first step to identify coronavirus.

Myriam Bocobza, spearheading the innovative research, has claimed that majority of the infected people may suffer from silent hypoxemia. Myriam went on to state that around half of the coronavirus positive carriers failed to show any symptoms.

It is worth noting that identifying and tracking compatible smart devices needs collating huge amounts of openly available data from the internet. Luminati Networks is believed to have processed a massive amount of data locating more than 165 models of smartwatches and smart bands and 110 smartphone models.

Or Lenchhner, CEO of Luminati Networks, expressed his delight in helping with the pivotal task of saving many lives. The CEO allegedly noted that they have been helping researchers all around the world with their knowledge in collating openly available data for free.

Lenchhner claimed that 17% of the global smartphone owners own devices have the Sp02 sensor that can leverage the test, incorporating around 19% of the smartphone owners in the U.S., 12% of the Italy smartphone and around 18% of UK’s.

The COVID-19 task force contemplates making the list of devices public in Israel and the world any time soon.

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