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LONGi announces volume production of ‘Hi-MO 5’ series modules

LONGi announces volume production of ‘Hi-MO 5’ series modules
LONGi announces volume production of ‘Hi-MO 5’ series modules

LONGi Green Energy Technology, one of the world’s largest solar technology companies, has reportedly commenced the volume production of its ‘Hi-MO 5’ series module at the company’s Xianyang City-based module factory.

In June 2020, LONGi rolled out the next-generation HI-MO 5 module with front-side power up to 540W. It is based on M10 182 millimeter standard gallium doped monocrystalline wafer, capable of delivering outstanding value to utility-scale applications. The next-gen module will bring optimal LCOE to ultra-large-scale PV projects and is said to be efficient by 21 percent. 

According to sources, the primary objective behind setting up Hi-MO 5 module is to serve and deliver greater value for global large scale PV projects. It was designed after careful consideration of consumers' insights, fine-tuning, and enhancement concerning size, design, and power. 

Projects that rely heavily on micro interconnection, product quality, and a reliable performance current will easily take on the revolutionary technologies of the Hi-MO 5, which are driven by 'smart soldering' technology.

Relative to the conventional multi-busbar module, the novel Hi-MO 5 module is efficient by 0.3 percent and reduces the tensile strength on the cell by 20 percent, thus increasing the longevity of the product. 

On the technical side of things, the working current of the module in around 13A. Comprising bifacial gain, the working current remains within the supreme highest current range of inverters, with zero losses of power generation.

Compatible with 1P and 2P horizontal single tracking systems, Hi-MO 5 extends to 2256 by 1133mm and adopts 'double glass with frame' providing high-load capacity and proven long-term reliability. 

With M10 standard 182mm wafer size, Hi-MO 5 matches the established standards across the whole transport and deployment processes of the whole PV module manufacturing. LONGi now looks forward to speeding up the construction capacity of production and expects Hi-MO 5 to reach 12GW this year.

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