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Kajabi helps content creators monetize online courses on the platform

Kajabi helps content creators monetize online courses on the platform
Kajabi helps content creators monetize online courses on the platform

Kajabi, a video-based online education and web hosting platform that provides a ramp for content creators to sell and manage their online courses, has disclosed that 60,000 of its creators have earned a combined lifetime GMV (gross merchandising value) of USD 5 billion.

The company claims that its gross merchandising value has gone up by 528% since 2019. The current value of the company is over USD 2 billion, and the recently USD 5 billion hike is a significant improvement over the USD 1 billion in creator revenue recorded in March 2020.  

Kajabi provides the content creators a platform to monetize their online courses and other products like virtual meetings, online teaching, podcasts etc. The new milestone comes along the heels of the firm’s launch of its new AI Creator Hub product, which gives creators access to various AI-based tools that aid in drafting course outlines, video script for sales etc. These tools, which are free for use, run on OpenAI’s language model, GPT-3.

CEO of Kajabi, Ahad Khan, has shared that Kajabi, with the help of AI, assists people seeking to build businesses. He further added that, with the help of Kajabi’s offerings, all the requirements to create an online course or to sell or manage it, are available under one roof.

Kajabi has found that it takes an average of 80 hours to produce an online course. The firm is working towards enabling creators to minimize this time, including time required for the users to type emails. The toolkit of Kajabi includes website builder, email marketing software and other solutions, in addition to guiding creators with their courses.

Kajabi acquired community platform Vibley in 2022, and introduced the Kajabi Communities platform, which provides chat, live calls, leaderboards and other features for creators to engage with their followers. The company is now planning to enter into the mobile sector, and eventually roll-out creator-branded applications.

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