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Glenmark launches ‘FabiFlu’ tablet to treat mild to moderate COVID-19

Glenmark launches ‘FabiFlu’ tablet to treat mild to moderate COVID-19
Glenmark launches ‘FabiFlu’ tablet to treat mild to moderate COVID-19

The timeline to develop the COVID-19 vaccine is historically short: to be created in less than 2 years what researchers usually get four years or more to do. Researchers across the globe have been breaking their backs to develop a cure for this highly contagious disease.

Several potential medicines and vaccines are being sought at the moment. Recently, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited, the pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, has reportedly introduced a tablet for treating mild & moderate COVID-19 in India under the brand name ‘FabiFlu’

Sources cite that FabiFlu has become India’s first antiviral drug for the treatment of mild & moderate patients with COVID-19. Around 80% of all COVID-19 positive cases fall under this category.

Speaking on which, Sujesh Vasudevan who is the President of India Formulations, Middle East and Africa at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited stated that Glenmark is leading the fight against the COVID-19 in India. The company is not looking at it as a business opportunity rather the priority is to make drugs available to COVID-19 patients and save lives, Mr. Vasudevan added.

Reportedly, the drug manufacture received approval from the Indian drug regulator to manufacture and market ‘FabiFlu’ in the nation. The company said in the statement that the drug would be available in the Indian market in seven to ten days. The antiviral drug will be available in strips consisting of 34 tables priced at around USD 46 which works out to be USD 1.36 per tablet.

The patients are advised to take 9 tablets of 200 mg each in the morning and evening on 1st day. Later, the patient needs to take 4 tablets each in the morning and day. The treatment for COVID-19 can last up to 14 days. The drug is safe for consumption for patients in the age group of 18 to 75.

As the drug is oral medicine, patients can stay at home during treatment. The drug is currently tested on 150 patients at 11 sites in India.

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