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Ford unveils new V8-powered Mustang GT featuring stylized interiors

Ford unveils new V8-powered Mustang GT featuring stylized interiors
Ford unveils new V8-powered Mustang GT featuring stylized interiors

American automotive giant, Ford Motor Company, has reportedly launched the seventh generation of its iconic sports coupe, Ford Mustang, that still comes with a 5.0L V8 engine, revamped interiors & exteriors, and embedded with upgraded technology.

The new model features a distinct evolution in design, having sharper details, such as slimmer LED headlights, an aggressive bonnet, dual air intakes at the front grille for better performance. The car has19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels to hide the Brembo brakes, available under the standard-fit Performance Pack.

The rear exterior consists of sharper real light clusters featuring the trademark Mustang three-bar tail-lights. Ford claimed that the all-new model had an edgier look than before.

The company further claims that it offers more luxury than before. The double-brow dashboard design has been replaced with a pair of screens to boost the use of cutting-edge technology.

The interiors, on the other hand, feature a customizable 12.4-inch digital dash and a 13.2-inch central panel with the company’s SYNC4 infotainment system, making this model the most digitalized Mustang. Some other techs include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability, over-the-air compatibility, and wireless phone charging.

The 2022 Ford Mustang GT will be available with either 10-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission.

Drivers will have six customizable driving modes, Track, Sport, Normal, Drag, Slippery, and an Individual setting. Moreover, the car’s steering ratio is quicker with improved chassis responsiveness .

Ed Krenz, Chief Nameplate Engineer at Mustang, claimed that the new model is the most athletic and confidence-inspiring yet.

The standard-fit Performance Pack also includes an active exhaust and a limited-slip differential for more traction.

Along with the Mustang GT, Ford also unveiled the Mustang Dark Horse, having a fourth gen V8 engine, with Ford’s either 10-speed automatic unit or the 6-speed Tremec transmission that features a 3D-printed titanium shift ball as the gear lever, as well as new camshafts and a customized tune.

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