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Ferrari seems to have lost trademark rights to its iconic, rare car

Ferrari seems to have lost trademark rights to its iconic, rare car
Ferrari seems to have lost trademark rights to its iconic, rare car

As a historically noteworthy and rare car factually unrivaled value, the 250 GTO model has every reason to be closely protected by Ferrari. The replication of its most rare model, after all, would be damage to both the company and its owners, who take pride in the exclusivity of their cars above all. 

Unfortunately, Ferrari has reportedly lost the trademark rights to the rarest and iconic car in its history, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, paving the way for other companies to replicate the model.

In 2008, Ferrari filed a 250 GTO body-shaped trademark so that it could not be replicated by third parties without the permission of the company. Although coachbuilder Ares claimed that the Italian manufacture isn’t making use of the trademark. 

Ares argued that businesses have to use the trademark and Ferrari has not done anything such with its trademark. Ferrari won over Ares in a Bolognese court with the ruling that 250 GTO is an irreplaceable work of art.

Ares fought back after its reversal in Bologna and challenged protection under EUIPO, according to legislation that can revoke a trademark not used in five years. Ares persuaded the courts that the trademark was used as a strategy to block the production and selling of similar sports cars by third party car manufacturers.

This now means that car manufacturers other than Ferrari will be able to create 250 GTO replicas and sell them.

Alongside, Ferrari also lost trademark rights to the world's most expensive car. At the launch back then, 250 GTO would cost just US$18000 in the United States, but one of the models was sold privately in 2018 for US$70 million. This, in turn, set the record for the most world's most expensive car.

This was not Ferrari's first trademark loss, which in 2017 lost the rights to the German toy manufacturer under his famous Testarossa brand.

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