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Blizzard staff puts forth demands for better pay & other parameters

Blizzard staff puts forth demands for better pay & other parameters
Blizzard staff puts forth demands for better pay & other parameters

Almost 900 Blizzard employees are reportedly collaborating with an aim to improve working conditions in the company. A new report also claims that they are planning to lobby for increased salaries across the firm.

As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, Blizzard’s staff in the company’s Slack channel have been developing a series of demands which they expect to submit for a detailed management review this week. The list is inclusive of myriad requests, such as pay raises for the customer service and quality assurance employees, and even more vacation times. A revamped model for handling vacations is also one of the requests.

Reliable reports claim that the movement may have commenced last week after the employees compiled the salary data in their company and in other rival firms. Numerous employees were reportedly of the opinion that they are severely underpaid and that former staff from Blizzard now earned considerably higher salaries at other studios.

A spokesperson from Blizzard has been   quoted stating that the company will continue to adapt to its compensation so as to build and retain its workforce today and for tomorrow. The firm understands that some of the staff have certain requests and it looks forward to hearing them directly, the spokesperson added.

Apparently, a report also depicted disparity in the way Blizzard compensates employees working at various levels in the firm. Many of the employees were provided raises below 10% of their yearly income. The ones at management level and the ones with six-figure salaries however, earned bonuses of over 20% of their salary during the same period.

It is still not clear as to what steps Blizzard plans to take regarding employee grievances, and what may possibly happen in case these are not addressed. However, considering that this report has seen the light of the day at a time when employees are consistently speaking up against unfair practices depicts that some action may have to be taken soon.


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