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Battelle gets an FDA authorization for PPE decontamination system use

Battelle gets an FDA authorization for PPE decontamination system use
Battelle gets an FDA authorization for PPE decontamination system use

Massive coronavirus outbreak has left front line healthcare workers asking for more personal protective equipment to safeguard themselves from the pandemic. In wake of this, companies have been striving hard to maintain a perfect ratio of supply and demand.

Battelle, an Ohio based applied science and technology company, has set its foot forward on combating the acute shortage of personal protective equipment across the healthcare sectors, given the outbreak of COVID-19. The company recently announced receiving FDA Emergency Use Authorization for the operation of its Critical Care Decontamination System (CCDS).

According to official sources, the CCDS holds capability of decontaminating upto 80,000 respirator masks per system every day via undiluted, vapor phase hydrogen peroxide. These masks are exposed to authenticated concentration level for nearly 2.5 hours with an intent of decontaminating biological contaminates, including the recent SARS-CoV-2. Moreover, the system bears potential of decontaminating the same mask upto 20 times without compromising its performance. The CCD System is now under operation at Battelle’s West Jefferson in Ohio facility under the EUA.

It has been reported that Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, Lt.  Governor Jon Husted, and U.S. Representators Steve Stivers, Joyce Beatty, and Troy Balderson, in alliance with the Ohio hospital Association supported Battelle in receiving the FDA authorization.

Commenting on the authorization, the President and CEO of Battelle, Lou Van Thaer stated that the company is extremely grateful to the FDA team for their professionalism and support in authorizing the use of Battelle’s technology at this crucial moment of COVID-19 pandemic spread. He further added that every individual who has been closely working on this project shares the same mission of ensuring the safety of first line workers who are immensely working towards the treatment of people suffering from the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Matthew Vaughan, the senior VP of Battelle’s Contract Research Organization cited that Battelle is delighted to have support of the state and federal officials along with other business partners who have come together to fight against this widespread disease. He adds that all parts of the company have been operating at extended hours and weekends to escalate the manufacturing and operation of CCDS to meet the growing demand for personal protective equipment.

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