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Avanci expands 4G reach to 80 auto brands, 100Mn connected vehicles

Avanci expands 4G reach to 80 auto brands, 100Mn connected vehicles
Avanci expands 4G reach to 80 auto brands, 100Mn connected vehicles

Wireless tech firm, Avanci, has reportedly announced that its licensing marketplace now covers over 100 million connected vehicles, and is being used by over 80 automotive brands.

According to reports, the firm also predicts that an additional 30 million - 40 million more connected vehicles would be licensed by it next year.

Avanci, which has established itself as the patent-licensing marketplace focused on IoT in the automotive space, has been licensing key 2G, 3G, and 4G patented cellular technologies to many connected vehicle market players.

Avanci founder and CEO, Kasim Alfalahi, stated that the company is thrilled with the overwhelming adoption of its solutions in both the automotive and telecommunications industries.

Alfalahi added that such a response further confirms the firm’s commitment to providing an easy, predictable, and efficient solution for the Internet of Things which benefits its adoption.

The company would continue making licensing easier and more effective for various organizations and will also look into new programs for bigger, critical, and industrial IoT.

Avanci Senior Vice President, Laurie Fitzgerald, stated that the company is grateful to all the participants in the firm’s automotive licensing program and for contributing towards its efforts to develop a new way of licensing patents.

Fitzgerald added that to date, the firm’s work has become a strong foundation to build its planned program of 5G connected vehicles.

Automobile manufacturers taking part in the company’s licensing program for 4G connected vehicles would also benefit from licenses for all 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular standard essential patents that the patent-owners who took part in the program as licensors offer, along with any future patent-owners that join the program.

The Texas-based firm has changed the way organizations share technology by offering licenses of intellectual property from several patent owners in one transaction and at fixed rates, paid only once for the product’s entire lifetime.

Avanci ensures that IoT businesses are provided with an effective and transparent way of accessing wireless technology needed for connected products.

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