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ARMY and BEL unveil AIIH to focus on incorporating tech in the Army

ARMY and BEL unveil AIIH to focus on incorporating tech in the Army
ARMY and BEL unveil AIIH to focus on incorporating tech in the Army

The Indian Army and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), an aerospace and defense company, have jointly set up an AIIH (Artificial Intelligence Incubation Hub) under a pact, which was inked earlier this year.

Apparently, the AIIH will identify AI (artificial intelligence) projects that may be important for the Army and direct the analysis of trials in those cases, stated a report.

According to defense sources, the AIIH will be positioned with identifying partners from academia, industry, or start-ups to check the viability of ideas linked with AI projects for deployment.

It will also be responsible for hiring resources and the required hardware for validating suggested AI projects for the force.

As per the BEL’s research and development experience and areas where the Army could deploy AI, the new hub will be working in crucial domain areas of machine learning, auto-platforms, big data analytics, robotics, AI-based swarm technology, image processing along with cyber security and AI-based response mechanism.

It is worth mentioning that the Army and BEL inked a pact earlier in March to collaborate in AI for defense applications.

This step was taken following the push made by the defense ministry to accelerate the incorporation of the new tech in defense applications.

Subsequently, the defense services were asked to join forces with defense PSUs.

It has also been reported that this pact was intended to promote more incredible innovation and research in the field of Artificial Intelligence for the Army.

In the last two years, the central government has constantly been pushing to incorporate AI in defense. The services have taken crucial steps to integrate new technologies in the defense sector.

Rajnath Singh, the defense minister, unveiled 75 newly created artificial intelligence (AI) products and technologies in July of this year during the first-ever AI in Defense (AIDef) symposium and exhibition, which the Ministry of Defense organized.

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