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APO designates NARO of Japan as its new center of excellence on CSA

APO designates NARO of Japan as its new center of excellence on CSA
APO designates NARO of Japan as its new center of excellence on CSA

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) has reportedly revealed the accreditation of Japan’s NARO (National Agricultural and Food Research Organization) as its latest COE on CSA (Center of Excellence on Climate-smart Agriculture) in its attempt to boost agricultural output, increase farmer incomes, as well as cut carbon emissions in the industry across the region.

Apparently, this comes as the outcome of the long-term collaboration between the two organizations in transferring knowledge in the emerging COE's core subject.

Most APO members rely heavily on agriculture, which is critical to global food security. Although at risk from climate changes, it also contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

Sources claim that food shortages may also result from floods, droughts, and other harsh weather conditions.

According to estimates, 24% of the world's total GHG emissions are attributable to land usage, animal production, and agricultural activities. Improved productivity, improved food and agricultural output, and decreased carbon emissions can all result from the implementation of climate-friendly agricultural methods deployed with smart technologies.

The APO COE Program highlights excellence in key productivity domains to encourage others to embrace the know-how and best practices of one member while adjusting them to local situations. The COE on CSA will concentrate on applying technologies, know-how, and strategies for low-carbon wheat, rice, and soybean output as food staples in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to reports, the COE on CSA will begin its operations in April 2023 with the need and feasibility evaluation of APO members for deploying climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions, two global conferences on CSA as well as other COE key areas, and pilot programs to deploy technologies created by the COE on CSA beginning in 2024. It also includes seminars, workshops, study missions, and on-site training for tailoring the know-how to match local demands in APO members.

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