business news to power Auth0’s new tools that counter cyberattacks to power Auth0’s new tools that counter cyberattacks to power Auth0’s new tools that counter cyberattacks

Auth0, the US-based startup operating a cloud based identity platform for developers, recently announced that it will use its first acquisition to launch a new tool that addresses cyberattack threats such as phishing and credential stuffing.

As per sources close to the matter, Auth0 acquired Washington-based startup, which is an anti-abuse API (application program interface) that identifies blacklisted domains, email addresses and IP addresses.

The anti-abuse API company is now aiding to empower Auth0 Signals, which is a collection of dynamic data feeds that allows adaptive authentication pipeline offered by Auth0 to produce high-quality user confidence scores. As of now, Auth0 Signals is available as a free standalone application program interface.

For the record, Diego Parrilla, Founder of Apility, started the company as a project called in 2016. He previously worked at Microsoft, and now works as a security software architect with Auth0. Auth0 acquired in October 2019.

Since the inception of Auth0 in 2013, it has expanded as a leading security firm. The company processes more than 3 billion logins per month for more than 10,000 organizations across the globe. The startup with a 630 person count has 6 offices around the world. The company raised USD 103 million in a 2019 funding round, that pushed its valuation above USD 1 billion. Auth0 has also become a finalist at Next Tech Titan at the Geekwire Awards.

In February this year, Cognizant had jointed Auth0’s Partner Program, which made it Cognizant’s primary authentication provider for the identity needs of any of its customers. Cognizant boasts of over 300,00 employees worldwide and is playing a key role in transforming the business, operating and technology models for enterprises.

Through the partnership, the IT giant aimed to enable businesses manage customer user identities better and provide them with and seamless and highly secure login experience.


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